Life Coaching

You may choose life coaching because you feel pressured to meet a new goal or raise your performance another level. You may have a problem to solve or a need to improve your health or attitude. Maybe you are stuck at one of life's major crossroads and unable to navigate the intersection alone. Regardless of why you come to coaching, ours is a relationship of accountability where you “take the time to look at your life, to consider how you are doing, and decide whether you are headed in the direction you want to go.”*

Together, we focus on your agenda and work to establish new routines and patterns – new ways to break out of old cycles of your own thinking or seeing. You provide the motivation, energy, and commitment to identify and make changes. I help you discover your own best answers, develop a plan that will work for you, and follow through on both.

Each session will end with three questions: what are you going to do, when will you have it done, and how will I know you have done it? When you are able to complete these intended actions within the time frame you establish, we will reinforce and build on what works. When you are unable to complete the actions, we will revisit how you determine actions and set timelines. Then, we will either break them down into smaller, more sustainable steps or look at whether these particular actions and timelines are realistic in light of where you currently are.

Our working premise challenges the traditional divide between defeats and victories. Rather, victory and defeat combine together perfectly to create a more complete picture of your life experiences and, thus, form a key element in success – wisdom.

The choice whether to engage that wisdom is always yours.

*L. Whitworth, K. Kimsey-House, H. Kimsey-House, P. Sandahl,
Co-active Coaching

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