My Bio


  • Life Coach – trained by Mentorcoach, an ICF Certified Program
  • Spiritual Director – M.A. in Theology with concentration in Spiritual Direction, trained and certified by Institute for Spiritual Leadership, Chicago, IL
  • Mediator – trained and certified by Restorative Justice and Mediation Center, Waukesha, WI


  • International Federation of Coaches
  • Spiritual Directors International
  • Association for Conflict Resolution

Professional Experience

  • Consultant – small businesses, individual physician practices, profit and not-for-profit organizations
  • Administrator – medical, mental health, and social service organizations
  • Lay Pastor/Pastoral Coordinator – Redeemer Church, Milwaukee, WI
  • Law Enforcement – Police Department, Milwaukee, WI

My Commitment

My primary commitment is to transformation. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we all seek transformation at some time or other in our lives. But we often have no idea how to move into transformation.

I see transformation in my own life and in the lives of my clients. It seems that our process is much like that of a caterpillar weaving its cocoon. We may not understand what happens inside that cocoon, but we can be sure that work and focus are involved. It takes time for the butterfly to emerge, to work its way out of this space that allows, protects, and supports new life. We know transformation requires a special kind of space, and my professional commitment is to provide that for you.

This space, whether we meet in person or on the phone, is a place without judgment, a place where we both continually move into new levels of compassion and acceptance. During our sessions, my training, my skills, and my attention will focus on you and your concerns. Appropriate boundaries will be maintained so that you feel safe no matter what kind of work you do. That means I assume responsibility for doing my own internal work and that I receive appropriate supervision and continuing education. My goal is to ensure that the physical, emotional, and spiritual space that you and I share when we work together is dedicated to your work only.

Together, we recognize that it is not my responsibility to fix your problems or eliminate your pain. My responsibility is to provide a space and the tools for you to explore your options and find new ways to address the challenges life brings – new ways for you to emerge more whole.

The shortest distance between where you are today and where you want to go may not be a straight line. I am prepared to accompany you regardless of where your path may lead or how long this part of your journey may take. And if, at any point, we agree that you might be better served by another professional, I will help in every way I can to connect you with someone who will provide the kind of connection you need to continue your work.