Are you…

  • confronting a life transition that challenges a lot of what you always believed to be true?
  • struggling to balance what you do with what is really important to you?
  • overwhelmed and convinced you have to do it all alone?

Creativity Unlimited, LLC, provides someone to stand with you in the divide between your daily life and the parts of you that you haven't been able to access – your natural resourcefulness, a greater sense of wholeness, the ability to make your own best choices. Together we'll identify the tools you need to tap into the unlimited creativity that flows deep within each of us.

You can expect…

  • to look at your current situation with new eyes and dig deep to discover your most authentic response.
  • to identify what is holding you back, then take charge of the things you can actually control.
  • to recreate and move into the life you want to live.


Life Coaching arrow

People come to life coaching because they want something different. I ask questions that help you clarify choices, make changes, and reclaim the energy necessary to get over the hurdles that block your way.

Spiritual Direction arrow

Spiritual direction explores life from the inside out. As we explore the particulars of your life and the ways you connect with what is divine, we will identify the unique language The Divine uses to guide you into what it means to be truly alive and awake.

Mediation arrow

Mediation works best for participants who care deeply about a conflict that seems irresolvable. My role is to facilitate a process that allows you to move past the misunderstandings and into a resolution that works for all parties involved.

Which service is best for you?